Aircraft Charter


Fly to wherever you want, whenever you want. You're independent and flexible. Premium service with a maximum of comfort guarantees that you'll travel safely and without any stress.

GH Charter Aircraft manages your business or private flight, offering you a whole string of benefits:


You're independent of regular airline timetables and time-consuming check-in procedures. By the time you arrive at the airport, we'll already have passed on your personal data, so security checks will be smoother and check-in faster.


We put together the best customised flight schedule and guarantee you maximum flexibility by selecting the aircraft best suited for the job thanks to the access we have to international, regional and private airports, and not least thanks to our bespoke service.


Every business wants to make the most efficient use possible of the hours its senior staff, managing directors or owners work. With a business aircraft, you can visit several locations over the course of just one or two days. You don't have to follow regular airline schedules because you can fly to the airport of your choice and avoid unnecessary waiting times.


Charter aircraft are ideal for VIPs and personalities or indeed people who are potentially at risk, letting them travel undisturbed and with a minimum of danger. Your safety is close to our hearts.


You travel in your own aircraft, taking off and landing away from the general public and the media spotlight because the majority of airports have separate General Aviation Terminals. You'll have space to relax in peace or to hold business or private conversations without fear of interruption. We give maximum confidentiality to passenger manifests and client queries.


You can make the most of your travel time. The considerably greater amount of space per passenger, the infrastructure available and the higher level of privacy mean you can hold meetings with colleagues, clients or partners. Giving you the opportunity to work during the entire flight without being disturbed.


Our clients don't have to wait in crowded airport lounges or look for their seats in the confined aircraft of regular airlines. If you wish, we can chauffeur you to the General Aviation Terminal. And from there, you board the aircraft you have booked. Your crew are there to welcome you, and you just sit down, relax and enjoy the flight. And then disembark without any fuss at your destination.

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Time and cost savings

One of the principal arguments in favour of business charters as opposed to regular scheduled flights is the time you can save (see "Time savings"). We'd like to use 2 comparative analyses* to demonstrate that by managing your time perfectly and ensuring that a certain number of people travel together business charter will help cut costs in comparison with conventional travel options (see "Cost savings"). The calculation takes into consideration the non-productive, idle time of staff that a company still has to pay for when using scheduled flights.

Time savings

Comparison of conventional air travel versus charter air travel

07.30 Leave home in Rotterdam 06.00 Leave home in Rotterdam
08.40 Check-in & security check at Amsterdam 06.30 Check-in & direct boarding at Rotterdam
10.10 Flight KL1779 departs to Hamburg 06.45 Flight departs to Lübeck
11.20 Arrival at Hamburg airport 07.45 Arrival at Lübeck airport
12.00 Taxi to Lübeck 07.55 Taxi to Lübeck
12.45 Arrival at the factory 08.00 Arrival at the factory
13.45 Return to Hamburg airport by taxi 09.00 Decision to stay longer
14.30 Check-in & security check at Hamburg airport 10.25 Taxi back to Lübeck airport
15.30 Flight LH4622 departs 10.40 Direct boarding & departure to Zagreb 
16.40 Arrival at Brussels airport 12.10 Arrival at Zagreb airport
17.40 Flight OU457 departs to Zagreb 12.40 Lunch with client
19.25 Arrival at Zagreb airport 14.00 Arrival at Zagreb airport 
19.55 Taxi to the hotel 14.15 Departure to Rotterdam
21.00 Dinner with client 16.05 Arrival at Rotterdam airport
  NEXT DAY 16.25 Return to the office and last meeting of the day
06.45 Departure from the hotel to the airport by taxi    
07.15 Check-in & security check at Zagreb airport    
08.30 Flight OU450 departs    
10.30 Arrival at Amsterdam airport    
12.30 Return to the office    

Cost savings

Comparative analysis of charter versus scheduled flights: The following example calculates the cost of a return trip from Hamburg to Munich for four people with an annual salary of € 200,000 and a calculatory hourly rate of € 104 each.

Alternative 1: Scheduled flight
Travel to Hamburg airport 0.5 h
Luggage, check-in, waiting times 1.0 h
Flight HAM-MUC (incl. taxiing, flight and landing) 1.5 h
Transfer from airport to City Centre 1.0 h
Total 4.0 h
Plus return flight 8.0 h
Calculatory travel costs (8 h x € 104) x 4 people € 3,328
Flight costs (LH Business Class, parking, taxis = € 900) x 3 people € 2,700
Total costs € 6,028
Alternative 2: Charter flight
Travel to Hamburg airport 0.5 h
Flight HAM-MUC 0.75 h
Transfer from airport to City Centre 1.0 h
Total 2.25 h
Plus return flight 4.5 h
Calculatory travel costs (4.5 h x € 104) x 4 people € 1,872
Flight costs (3,000 € per hour) € 4,500
Total costs € 6,372

end faq

* Source: Jan-Henrik Kern. "Analysis of competitors in the market for commercial charter flights". Rainer Hampp Verlag.