FAQ - Aircraft Charter


How much does a business charter flight?

The price depends on the aircraft type chosen, the flight time and your specific travel needs. We're happy to put together a first estimate immediately. Just complete our online form or contact one of our consultants.

Once we know all the details of your trip, you will receive a binding and clearly itemised quotation by email or fax.

he estimate includes all costs. On rare occasions, additional costs may occur which cannot be calculated in advance, for example such as aircraft de-icing during the winter. The costs – which are incurred in the interest of your safety – will be invoiced separately.

How do I pay for my flight?

You can pay by bank transfer or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express).

Credit card payments are subject to a 5 % handling fee. Please note that we must have received payment in full before your flight.

How much notice do you require prior to booking?

We're extremely flexible. You can book at very short notice within just a few hours. If the airports (departure or arrival) are more exotic, certain bureaucratic regulations may have to be observed and this can take time. Please note this when planning your trip.

We recommend that you book a few days in advance if possible. This gives you the best choice of aircraft, and we can fulfil your travel wishes for a better price.

How do I book my flight?

Once we've received your travel details, we will email or fax you a charter agreement.

Your flight will be confirmed as soon as you receive a countersigned copy of the agreement you signed and returned to us.

Is it possible to rebook?

Generally speaking, you can make any changes at any time, even to the route when you're already flying.

In the event of major changes compared with your original booking additional costs may result. These will, of course, only be invoiced as accrued.

Is it possible for me to miss my flight?

You can't miss your flight because it's your own flight. The aircraft and crew will wait for you.

If possible, call your consultant at GH Charter Aircraft or the crew themselves to let them know. Contact details are provided in the documents we send you. A change to your departure time may result in delays due to air traffic slot allocations.

These delays are often made up during the flight. Additional costs may result if you are several hours late, but this is not normally the case.

What aircraft types are available?

You can choose from more than 100 different types of aircraft. Depending on your needs and destination, you can choose between a helicopter or a single-engine sports plane, a Lear or Heavy Jet to an airliner. We're more than happy to advise you.

What departure and destination airports can I choose from?

We're part of a global network and can offer private charter flights from and to any licensed airport in the world.

With more than 11,000 airports, we ensure that you get to your desired destination reliably and in comfort. We can fly you to wherever you want. All we have to do is choose the right aircraft for the job as not every airport can accommodate every aircraft type.

What is the procedure at the departure and destination airport?

Once the contract as been signed, you will receive documents from us with detailed information about your trip: meeting point, description of the aircraft, crew, maps etc. Our service team will greet you at the meeting point and take care of everything else. At the destination airport, you will be accompanied to the terminal where you will be handed your baggage.

We're more than happy to organise ground transport for you, for example with our limousine service. Just have a word with us.

Are there toilets on board?

This depends on the aircraft type. For example, only some helicopters, small jets and small turboprops have toilet facilities. We're happy to discuss these details with you when you talk to us about your booking.

Can I take my pet with me?

Of course you can take a pet with you. Just let us know when you talk to us about your booking so that we can select the right aircraft for you.

Are food and drink available on board?

We can certainly provide you with catering services tailored to your specific needs. Depending on the aircraft type, almost anything is possible. Again, we're happy to discuss this with you when you talk to us about your booking.

Is business charter safe?

GH Charter Aircraft guarantees that your aircraft complies with international safety standards, that it is comprehensively insured and that it is maintained in accordance with applicable guidelines.

Wir garantieren Ihnen, dass die Piloten über alle notwendigen Lizenzen und Flugerfahrungen verfügen und die Fluggesellschaft im Besitz des gültigen LuftverWe guarantee that the pilots have the required licences and experience and that the airline has a valid air operator certificate. As a matter of principle, all guidelines laid down by the aviation supervisory authorities are always observed.

How is the crew made up?

The crew is made up dependent on the chartered aircraft type and in accordance with safety regulations. A pilot and a co-pilot are generally on board. Smaller aircraft often only have one pilot.

At GH Charter Aircraft, however, we always book a co-pilot – more than the law requires. We only make an exception to this in the case of helicopters and sports aircraft, where there is only one pilot. A steward or stewardess is provided in the case of aircraft with 20 seats or more (regardless of the number of passengers). You can also book this service for smaller aircraft.

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